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Supply Chain Management

PI Advanced Materials connects people, society, and the world by realizing the potential of Polyimide
through creative innovation technology.

Supply Chain Management

Together with its partners, PI Advanced Materials is developing a sustainable management system. We are developing strategies to improve transparency in the environmental, social, and governance areas and minimize supply chain risks on the basis of trust with our partner companies.
In order to manage supply chain risks, PI Advanced Materials intends to implement a number of management policies, such as shared growth and fair trade compliance strategies, partner company codes of conduct, and purchasing policies.

Supply Chain Management Strategy

4 Strategies for Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management System

PI Advanced Materials is working to create a robust supply chain through a three-stage management process from an ESG perspective that includes supplier registration screening, contract performance evaluation, and follow-up management.

Step 1 Supplier registration

Disclosure of registration-related information
Sourcing excellent suppliers

Step 2 Performance Evaluation

Supplier evaluation, once/year

Step 3 Follow-up

Sourcing Refresh / Quality Audit

Supply Chain Registration Process

Apply for supplier registration

Review of basic qualifications

Fact-finding survey

Quality TEST

Register as a supplier

Performance Evaluation

Evaluation grade: A (90~100 points), B (80~89 points), C (70~79 points), D (60~69 points), E (less than 60 points)

Evaluation items General status Due date Price
Evaluation contents Credit evaluation, transaction performance Late payment rate Price competition rate
Quality Environment Cooperation
ISO9000 series certification,
Defect rate, countermeasures against defects, and the availability of measurement equipment
ISO14001 certification, environment Customer notification,
Participation in cost reduction


Supplier risk management: Regular/regular audit of suppliers

Criteria for Cancellation of Supplier registration
  • 01 Suppliers that are unable to operate normally due to business interruption, such as bankruptcy due to poor management
  • 02 Suppliers that hinder market distribution and manipulate dumping
  • 03 Suppliers who do not supply without justifiable reasons
  • 04 Suppliers that are not capable of producing products of the required quality or are not competitive
  • 05 Suppliers deemed impossible to trade with as a result of internal audit
  • 06 Suppliers with ratings of less than 70/100 were determined to be unavailable for business as a result of the post-evaluation
  • 07 Suppliers that the evaluation manager determines are impossible to trade with
  • 08 Suppliers whose products contain substances exceeding the acceptable standards for environmental substance level 1