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Local/Social Contribution

PI Advanced Materials connects people, society, and the world by realizing the potential of Polyimide
through creative innovation technology.

Propulsion System

PI Advanced Materials is engaged in a variety of social contribution activities to become a company that grows alongside the local community.
PI Advanced Materials has established three activity areas based on the recognition that social contribution is a 'necessity' rather than a 'option.' These are shared growth, risk management, and the establishment of a sustainable system.
As a specific strategy, we support the vulnerable in the community and hold local events to support future generations who will lead the future. We also carry out various support/prevention activities to address environmental/safety issues in the local community that may arise due to unexpected accidents. We are fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by joining various associations such as local economic groups, safety/environment/preservation associations, and industrial associations in order to lay the groundwork for a sustainable management system.
PI Advanced Materials will strive to create a better tomorrow through social contribution and local activities, as per its business slogan ‘Polyimide Connecting Tomorrow’.
Polyimide Connecting Tomorrow
We contribute to social contributions and local activities in order to create a future that grows together and is stable.
Field of activity
Growing together
Risk management
Establishment of a sustainable system
Vulnerable groups in the local community / Future generations
Focus on local community workplaces
Local associations and organizations
  • Establishing a foundation for response to climate change
    Support for local communities and vulnerable groups such as elderly people living alone
  • Support for future generations
    Support for future generations, including infants/children, who will lead the future
  • Community response system and damage prevention due to accidents
  • Identifying risks to the local community in the event of a hazardous gas or chemical leak
  • In case of risk, establishment of response system and proactive prevention activities
  • Efforts to secure future business viability and stabilize the local community by joining various associations
  • Respond to community risk factors through membership in health, safety, and environmental organizations
  • Share vision for future business areas by joining local economic and industry organizations

System for Implementation

PI Advanced Materials engages in social contribution activities by first identifying support targets and expected risks.

Division Support target/ Risk Potential financial/ Non-financial impacts Support and prevention activities Duration
The vulnerable
Vulnerable groups in the local community The aging of the community and social alienation of vulnerable groups
can lead to a decrease in the floating population around business sites,
which can make securing manpower difficult.
Carrying out support activities for vulnerable groups
Financial and material assistance is provided to local seniors living alone,
as well as kimchi-making activities.
Mid to long term
Future generation
Support for the generation that will lead the future of society and companies,
such as children and youth
Because of the low birth rate, future generations, including infants and children,
who will lead the future of companies, society, and the country,
are becoming increasingly important. Contributing to nurturing talent
for these future generations
Support for infants, toddlers, and children, including the Green Umbrella Children's Foundation
Consider expanding to educational institutions such as elementary schools in the future
Mid to long term
Harmful gas
Hazardous gases released as a result of workplace accidents
External leak
Economic and physical losses
due to air pollution in workplaces and local communities
Establishment of an emergency response system to prevent chemical accidents
conducting regular safety inspections and training.
Casualties occur due to inhalation of harmful gases
Chemical substance
Chemical substances resulting from accidents during work or processing
External leak
Economic and physical losses
due to pollution in workplaces and communities
Establishment of an emergency response system to prevent chemical accidents
conducting regular safety inspections and training.
Mid to long term
Casualties caused by chemical leaks Face washing, washing, etc. when contamination accidents occur within each business site.
Installation of decontamination equipment
Destruction of biodiversity
due to water pollution
Water problems and community contamination
due to chemical leaks
Establishment of an emergency response system to prevent chemical accidents
conducting regular safety inspections and training.
Prevention of community pollution through
maintenance work on waterways such as local rivers


We continue to support the education of aspiring young people in the local community out of concern for our own children.

Education Commemorative photo of Santa Expedition with Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Commemorative Photo of PI Advanced Materials Education

Hope sharing project for students in need

Tuition assistance is provided to students from low-income, single-parent families in our community. Additionally, we support children in the community who do not lose hope even in difficult situations
by providing gifts and food assistance during the holidays and at the end of the year. Furthermore, we are cultivating a culture of giving through a matching grant program in which executives and employees, as well as PI Advanced Materials,
each raise an equal amount to support youth in need.


Sponsorship of youth inline skating supply project for a healthy tomorrow


Support for Youth Mentoring Camps


Cultural experience activities with executives and employees

Sponsorship of the Vulnerable

We are carrying out social contribution activities for vulnerable groups ranging from infants and toddlers to the elderly.

Social contribution activities

Volunteering for infants and toddlers at children's shelters on a regular basis


Senior citizen party for local seniors, support for filial piety tourism / Visit facilities for senior citizens living alone and donate goods


Sharing a lunch of love and making kimchi for the elderly


Support for local vulnerable groups' emergency medical expenses

Local associations and Group activities

PI Advanced Materials is active by joining associations and organizations in various fields of society to communicate with various stakeholders and share its vision for sustainable management. As the world's leading producer of polyimide films, PI Advanced Materials will continue to strive to establish a sustainable management system by collaborating with various stakeholders.

  • PI Advanced Materials
  • World Class Enterprise Association
  • Korea International Trade Association
  • Jincheon Chamber of Commerce Gumi Chamber of Commerce
  • Gyeongbuk Employers Federation
  • Korea Listed Companies Association
  • Korea Fire Safety Institute
  • Korea Industrial Safety Association
  • SAFETY365
  • Environmental Conservation Association
  • Korea Environmental Engineers Association
  • Korea Energy Engineers Association
  • Korea Electrical Engineers Association
  • Korea Mechanical Equipment Construction Association
  • Korea PCB & Semiconductor Packaging Industry Association
  • KINPA Korea Intellectual Property Association