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Overview of Sustainability Management

PI Advanced Materials connects people, society, and the world by realizing the potential of Polyimide
through creative innovation technology.

Overview of ESG management

PI Advanced Materials is moving forward as a sustainable company that meets its economic, social, and environmental responsibilities while also meeting the needs and expectations of various stakeholders. PI Advanced Materials is establishing a systematic sustainable management strategy, taking into account the opinions of various stakeholders such as customers, employees, and partners, as well as global initiatives, to strive for creating sustainable value.
Furthermore, in order to effectively promote ESG management, we identified key ESG issues related to PI Advanced Materials' sustainability
and disclosed the responses and performance for each issue in the sustainability report.

ESG Vision and Direction

PI Advanced Materials has established an accident-free and eco-friendly workplace through ESG management as well as financial growth in order to survive as a sustainable management company for future generations.
In addition, with the goal of strengthening communication with stakeholders, we are striving to achieve our goals by establishing slogans and strategies in each field of environment, society, and governance.

Establishing an accident-free/eco-friendly workplace and strengthening communication with stakeholders
The direction of propulsion
Establishment of an environmentally friendly
business environment
Realization of stable management
through risk factor management
Share goals and benefits
with all stakeholders
Save the life
Go together
  • Establishing a foundation for response to climate change
  • Establishment of an environmental conservation system at business sites and local communities
  • Technology development for resource recycling
  • Development of eco-friendly products
  • Compliance with the Severe Accident Punishment Act
  • Family-friendly workplaces
  • Non-financial risk management such as information security and supply chain
  • Shared growth with partners and local communities
  • Board Independence and Diversity
  • Shareholder-friendly dividend policy
  • Sharing goals with stakeholders
  • Strengthening the internal control system

ESG-focused initiatives

PI Advanced Materials developed a company-wide ESG management vision and strategy, as well as prioritized key tasks to create a sustainable management system.
The ESG strategies and tasks of PI Advanced Materials are reflected in the work processes of all members, and efforts are being made to ensure that the ESG vision is established within management activities.

PI Advanced Materials' key ESG tasks include responding to climate change, building an eco-friendly workplace, shared growth with partners and the local community, and activating stakeholder communication. To complete the task, members will build an environmentally friendly workplace, develop eco-friendly products, manage safety risks, and communicate with stakeholders. PI Advanced Materials will continue to pursue sustainable management based on ESG key tasks in the future.

PI Advanced Materials ESG Key Tasks

ESG Key Tasks
Details of the implementation
Respond to climate change
Establishment of a greenhouse gas reduction management system at the workplace
Development of materials for new and renewable energy
Building an eco-friendly workplace
Establishment of air/water pollutant management process
Promote reduction of chemical emissions
Establishment of waste recycling system
Shared growth with partners/local communities
Establishment of code of conduct for partner companies
Compliance with fair trade based on ethical management
Social contribution activities that communicate with local residents
Establishing an accident-free workplace
Compliance with safety and health management goals
Safety and health risk management through risk assessment, etc.
Safety and health support for partners
Activating communication with stakeholders
Disclosure of ESG information through publication of sustainability management report
Activation of various communication channels
Ethical management
Operation of an ethical management violation reporting center
Implementation of an ethical management training program for all employees

ESG Management Strategy

The PI Advanced ESG strategy and slogan were developed by PI Advanced Materials to communicate the goals, values, and benefits of ESG management
to all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, and the local community. Through this, we will strive to realize the company's business goal of 'Polyimide connecting tomorrow,'
which connects tomorrow's society through polyimide.

ESG Slogan

To achieve a successful ESG management strategy, PI Advanced Materials has developed three slogans. Eco-friendly to build an eco-friendly workplace,
save the life to pursue a happy life through shared growth and risk management, and Go together to share the company's goals, values, and profits with stakeholders and work together to achieve the goals.

Eco- friendly
PI Advanced Materials is working to create an environmentally friendly environment while also developing related processes/technology/products.
The world is experiencing severe environmental pollution and climate change.
PI Advanced Materials strives for sustainability by developing eco-friendly processes/technology/products and contributing to environmental conservation in local communities at a time when changes in the global business environment are required, such as response to climate change and carbon neutrality.
Save the life
PI Advanced Materials strives to ensure a safe and happy life for its members and stakeholders.
Shared growth with stakeholders such as companies, partners, and local communities is critical for sustainable management.
For the mutual growth of members and stakeholders, PI Advanced Materials is creating a safe workplace by managing risk factors that may arise in various fields such as safety/environment/security. Furthermore, by creating a stable business environment, we are creating a workplace where PI Advanced Materials and all stakeholders can live happy lives.
Go together
PI Advanced Materials strives to share goals, values and profits with all stakeholders.
In order to achieve sustainable growth, the company's goals must be shared not only with its members, but also with all stakeholders.
PI Advanced Materials shares its goals with various stakeholders and strives to ensure that the values and benefits achieved are also shared in various forms with members and all stakeholders.

ESG Drive System

To achieve ESG management objectives, PI Advanced Materials has formed a dedicated ESG team. Furthermore, we are attempting to create a sustainable management environment by establishing an organic cooperation system with working departments
in order to achieve goals in each ESG sector, including environment and safety, human resources, management, purchasing, and research.

ESG Drive System

ESG Evaluation Results

Year Scale Rating Overall Rating
Second half of 2022 AA A
Evaluation model: Sustain Best
Year Integrated Rating Environment Society Governance
2021 B+ B+ B B+
2020 B C B B+
2019 B C B B+
2018 B B C B+
Evaluation model: KCGS

Materiality Assessment

PI Advanced Materials ESG
Selection of major issues
PI Advanced Materials has chosen major ESG issues to enhance the implementation of sustainable management strategies and manage various issues strategically. Material issues are chosen after careful consideration of PI Advanced Materials' ESG vision, global ESG disclosure standards, indicators from major ESG evaluation agencies and industry peers, and major peer group issues. We are conducting a survey specifically targeting internal executives and employees, as well as employees of partner companies, to collect opinions from various stakeholders during the material issue selection process. The sustainability report transparently discloses material issues selected through an analysis and opinion collection process, including performance and future plans.

Materiality Assessment Process

ESG issues
Pool configuration
  • Analysis of corporate activities
  • Peer Group Issue Analysis
  • Domestic and international ESG standards (GRI, SASB), evaluation criteria, certifications and initiatives
    (CDP, UNGC, ISO26000) Analysis of indicators, setting goals for each team according to ESG management strategy
Impact of Issue
  • Identify the scope and timing of influence for each issue
  • Domestic/global regulations and guidelines
Importance of Impact
  • Survey of internal executives and employees of partner companies
  • Quantitative evaluation on a 5-point scale
    including interest and business impact
Selection of major issues
  • Determination of priorities through consultation with working team and stakeholders
  • Presentation of response measures for each indicator

Results of Materiality Assessment

PI Advanced Materials' internal and external stakeholders evaluated the importance of various sustainability issues based on their interest and business impact.
PI Advanced Materials has set 10 major issues with a high average of materiality.
The ESG material issues selected by PI Advanced Materials included ‘Safety and Health’, ‘Hazardous Chemical Management’, ‘Supply Chain Management’, and ‘Compliance Management’.
PI Advanced Materials plans to continue to proactively respond to major issues and transparently disclose its response plans for each issue.

Matrix of Materiality Assessment

Business impact and interest
Materiality Issue Ranking
Ranking Fields Issues GRI
1 S (Society) Safety and health 403-1~7
2 E (Environment) Reduction of hazardous chemicals and advancement of chemical management system -
3 E (Environment) Air pollutant reduction and management 305-7
4 S (Society) Supply chain management 308-2, 414-1
5 S (Society) Information protection -
6 E (Environment) Reduce and manage energy usage 302-1,3
7 E (Environment) Reduce waste generation and manage resource circulation 306-2
8 G (Governance) Communication with stakeholders and disclosure of information 2-16,29
9 G (Governance) Compliance management 2-27
10 G (Governance) Operating a board of directors with independence and expertise 2-10,11,14